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Building the DPA Foundations and Levers.

Our priority is to continue to build momentum and innovate with Digital for All (previously DAFA) initiatives + we will build a new DPA community platform for addressing wider holistic solutions based on the Determinants of Digital Poverty across all sectors.
We will learn + share with the world to do this. We won’t duplicate and where there is existing provision which meets the community requirements, the DPA will shine a light and provide a beacon and platform to help join the dots to other initiatives. Although we will learn from other countries, and provide a platform to support all DPA partners, our outcomes will initially focus on the UK, with two priority target groups + their enablers and influencers, for vulnerable people + those with protected characteristics (aged 5-25).

Our Mission

To end digital poverty once and for all by 2030

What we do...

We convene, compel and inspire collaboration for the UK community to lead sustainable action against digital poverty.

You get what you give

"Alone, we can do so little, together, we can do so much"
- Helen Keller

Just like you, everyone else in the community hopes to gain something out of their time invested. So, apart from obtaining connections and resources from others, should you discover any innovations or solutions to as issue posted on your feed, please share them with others! 

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